Perrysburg PTO treasurer accused of theft has prior arrest history

A mug shot of Kiki Lorann after her arrest on May 29th, 2012.

On Tuesday, Perrysburg Police arrested the treasurer of the Toth Parent Club 35-year-old Kiki Lorann.

Lorann has now been charged with one count of theft and two counts of grand theft but has faced similar charges before.

Authorities say the most recent charges stem from an investigation launched after the Perrysburg Elementary Parents Association (PEPA) contacted police to report financial discrepancies in their records.

In addition to PEPAâ??s estimated $48,727.73 in losses, two other organizations are also claiming to have found financial discrepancies.

According to a Perrysburg Police press release, the Toth Parent Club is also reporting a loss of $43,792.67 and the Perrysburg Sting traveling baseball discovered $3,067.21 was unaccounted for.

WNWO has learned that despite a 2001 arrest for theft and a 2009 indictment for passing bad checks, Lorann was named to at least 2 officer positions for the Toth Parent Club, was in charge of financials for PEPA and was named as the manager of the Perrysburg Sting.

Sheâ??s now accused of stealing almost $100,000 dollars from all 3 groups.

Investigators say that at this time it appears Junior High and High School organizations were not affected.

Lorann is due to appear in count, on the charges, on Wednesday.