Perrysburg residents react to proposed Costco in public hearing

<span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID">The intersection of Rte. 25 and Eckel Junction is already frequently congested, and more traffic may be coming if a Costco store is approved nearby.</span>


errysburg resident's sounded off at a public hearing
Thursday night about a proposed Costco to be built on Eckel Junction Road near State Route 25.


ity leaders got an earful from residents who addressed their concerns with the retailer wanting to move in.


he biggest concern is traffic.
"We're a growing city in Perrysburg and there's a reason why we don't want to see that go there," says Melissa Clark who's opposed to the proposed project.

Upgrades planned for busy Perrysburg intersection

Ronald Parry who lives across the street from the proposed site says after listening to both sides at the public hearing, he's ok with Costco building. "Something is going to go there and of all the alternative options, Costco is not a bad option to have."


errysburg city council will vote on whether to grant a special use permit to
Costco on Tuesday, March 25.