Perrysburg School District new tax levy

The current tax levy collects $7.5 million for the Perrysburg School District, but that levy is set will expire at the end of this year.

voters will now have to decide whether to pass a new levy on election day.

The district is currently operating with a $1.1 million cash balance. The current levy is worth about 20% of the annual revenue.

"That's a significant amount of money. About $7.5 a year annually," says Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler.

However, should the levy fail, the district will begin operating without that 20% almost immediately.

Hosler says "With this kind of a loss... our business is people. And unfortunately just over 95 positions will eliminated."

Hosler layed out a proposed budget reduction if the levy doesn't pass. And of the 96 jobs on the chopping block, 53 are teaching positions.

Also, close to $900,000 would be cut from extra curricular activities.

"Student who's playing on the football team, to play football, parents may have to pay over $800 because that's an expensive sport," says Hosler.

Perrysburg schools added 288 students during the current fou year levy. But because they lost some state funding, the increase of the new levy is simply to cover that growth.

Hosler sais, "This additional millage will go just to protect what we have and to try to close the gap of what the state's withheld. And also really keep Perrysburg school what it is today."

The new levy would mean about a $17/month increase for an owner of a $200,000 home.

If the levy does fail, it cannot be replaced or renewed at all until 2014. Which means 2013 will have to operate at that loss indefinitely.

"So no matter what happens, we would lose a full years worth of funding," says the Superintendent.

He says the school system in Perrysburg is one of the its great draws for families. And the city currently pays about $8,500/year per student, which is well below the ohio average of around $10,000.

Click here to see the proposed cuts if the levy fails.