Perrysburg school leaders explain why they don't have school resource officers

The Sandy Hook Elementary massacre has pushed school safety to the top of the national agenda.

District leaders in Perrysburg have measures in place to deal with threats. But unlike some districts, they don't have a school resource officer.

Perrysburg School Superintendent Thomas Hosler says having an armed police officer in a school doesn't equal safety, "when you look at some of the other school shootings since columbine, including in the building. Shootings have still taken place," explains Hosler.

Hosler says the district does have plenty of safety measures in place they're confident are working, "Gaining access into our buildings is only done by way of a secure door. We have cameras, you state your business before you enter and these kinds of things," adds Hosler.


uperintendent Hosler says parents shouldn't expect to see any changes in how the district approaches securing it's students.


e adds the point is to maintain an environment of learning