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      Perrysburg teachers given choice of performance-based raises

      The Perrysburg Board of Education has voted to approve contracts and salary plans for its teachers and school administrators.

      The Perrysburg Board of Education has voted to approve contracts and salary plans for its teachers and school administrators.Under new three-year contracts, which were ratified by the Perrysburg Educational Association (PEA) last week, all teachers will receive a 1.25% raise annually. The increase comes after previous contracts which included a two-year wage freeze.Teachers will be given the choice to opt-in to an Alternative Compensation System which makes salary increases performance-based. A traditional salary schedule will also be offered to those teachers wishing to be paid based on years of experience and education level, and not on evaluations.

      "For the first time ever, teachers will have the opportunity to influence their individual salary," said Perrysburg Superintendent Thomas Hosler. "Teachers who opt-in to this system will have ownership of how their performance impacts their paychecks."The new contract will evaluate teachers on a four-point scale from ineffective, developing, skilled and accomplished, in accordance with Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).

      Evaluations will not only determine pay increases, for those that chose the schedule, but will also be used to weigh any reduction in workforce. Layoffs were previously decided based upon seniority.

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      Under new two-year contracts, all pay increases for Perrysburg school administrators will be performance-based. Administrators will not have the choice to opt-in to the Alternative Compensation System and will receive compensation based upon individual evaluations and overall district and building performance.

      Contracts for Superintendent Hosler and the district's Treasurer will be for four years and mirror administrative contracts, with compensation based upon individual and district-level performance. Hosler's contract is for $129,350 while the Treasurer's contract is for $101, 490. Both contracts include a 2% salary increase.