Personal trainer makes himself obese on purpose

Drew Manning was a physically fit personal trainer on a mission to gain 50-60 pounds. He started at a lean 193 pounds in May and is currently tipping the scales at 261 pounds as of October. He claims that he is gaining the weight for a purpose.

(This is about) a journey to go from fit to fat in 6 months and back to fit in 6 more months. Drew Manning said.

Manning TMs mission is to learn what it TMs like to be obese and go through the struggles of losing weight. He hopes that this will give him a better understanding of people TMs emotional and physical barriers in order to inspire weight loss.

Manning writes on his website on ; My goal is to inspire people to get fit, teach them how to do it and give them hope that it IS possible to get fit and stay fit.

Through Manning TMs first 6 months, which he refers to as fat months, he won TMt work out or count calories. During his fit months, he plans on teaching his followers how to eat the correct food and exercise in order to lose weight successfully. He has started a website, YouTube account and Twitter account for the public to follow his journey.

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