PETA criticizes Perrysburg School for gold fish tradition

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A national animal rights group is criticizing a local school district for a long-time sports tradition.


he people for the ethical treatment of animals

better known as PETA, want Perrysburg High School to stop a tradition, where students swallow live goldfish during a basketball game. The tradition takes place when Perrysburg plays its rival, Maumee High School.

PETA says they got involved to stop the tradition when they received complaints from Perrysburg residents. "Quite frankly, administrators should know better than to let students engage in cruel dangerous and illegal activity. It sends a dangerous message that animal abuse is not a problem," explained PETA official Gemma Vaughan in the complaint.


iting scheduling conflicts

Superintendent Tom Hosler of Perrysburg Schools wasn't available for an interview Wednesday.

In a Toledo Blade article from December 2013, high school principal Michael Short talked about the tradition. "Things like this make high school memories. They won't remember math, but they'll remember eating 14 goldfish," Short said.


he animal rights organization has posted a message on its website asking people to contact the district superintendent and high school principal.