PETA pushes mission in Mother's Day cards

All cards come with a coupon for a dairy-free product, like soy milk.

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, what could be better than a free card? PETA hopes luring shoppers with this freebie on Tuesday will help them spread information that may be "hard to swallow."

At noon on the east corner of North St. Clair Street and Madison Avenue, local vegans started passing out traditional-looking cards with a modern message inside: "Help Make It a Happy Day for All Moms--Human and Otherwise."

The cards go on to say that male calves on dairy factory farms are taken from their mothers and put into veal crates while the female calves endure repeated artificial insemination until they head for the slaughter house.

"We hope this 'bait and switch' giveaway prompts people to broaden their perception of Mother's Day and consider respecting all mother animals by going vegan," PETA campaigner Tracy Patton said.

Each card also contains coupons for non-dairy products, such as soy milk.