Photos of Whirlpool Park may contain ''smoking gun''

12 new claims against whirlpool have been filed in the case of the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

The former Whirlpool Park site, which was a dumping ground for the company prior to becoming a family park, has recently been found to contain dangerous amounts of cancer causing toxins.

There have been numerous deaths in the area due to cancer, and locals are convinced that the park is one of the main causes.

Now attorney's representing the many families in the case are asking for the help of the public.

"What we want to do is begin documenting the history of our families and the clients families in the region using that park," says Attorney Josepf F. Albrechta.

Since the park and most everything surrounding it has long been demolished, they are asking for your photographs taken by the familes who visited the location.

Albrechts sats, "One never knows what pictures might capture. And our efforts were to try to begin that. Now that process has started."

He says, knowing the layout, which once included a mobile home park, may indicate where dumping might have occured.

"Where structures were. Where we now know various dumping sites that will help identify the pathways and locations where people participated in recreational activity with their families and children," Albrechta explains.

He says to scour your old images, even if you only went once, on the chance that an old dusty photograph could have captured that smoking gun.

"Look in your closet," Albrechta asks, "see if you see the truck dumping the hazardous waste in your neighborhood."

Because you never know what secret a photograph can hold.