Photos: Police show 'person of interest' in mosque arson

Authorities released this image of the suspect's vehicle seen outside the Islamic Center Sunday.

Late Monday, Perrysburg Township Police released surveillance images of a "person of interest" in an arson investigation at a landmark mosque.

Little more information was being released, Monday, about Sunday's fire at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.

The man seen in the photos, provided by authorities, is a white male seen wearing a camouflage hat and sweatshirt. Authorities also released a photo of a red vehicle driving onto the property.

Though officials did not say when the surveillance photos were taken, they did say the fire was set when the mosque was empty.

Members of the Islamic Center were thankful the incident had not taken place earlier in the day. "Sunday is a busy day. We have Sunday sermon. We have Sunday school. We have activities in the Islamic Center," said Publications Committee Chair Dr. Mahjabeen Islam.

The blaze did cause both smoke and water damage on the second floor of the mosque.

Authorities are

asking anyone with information

on the case to contact the Ohio State Fire Marshal at 1800-589-2728 or Perrysburg Township Police at 419-874-3551.

Officials add that the ATF will also be part of the investigation because the crime took place at a house of worship.

Investigators were not allowing anyone inside the building on Monday. They say the building will remain off limits until their on-site investigation is complete.

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