Pit bull rescued by WNWO anchor is doing well, still waiting to go home

A tan and white pit bull rescued by news anchor Angi Gonzalez, outside WNWO's South Toledo studios on Monday, is doing well but remains unidentified.

Visiting with the dog on Tuesday, at the Lucas County Dog Warden's office, the pit bull mix wagged her tail from inside her temporary kennel.

While a dozen other stray dogs in nearby cages barked, the rescued pooch stood quietly and even smiled for our WNWO cameras.

Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle says when the pup arrived she was given intake vaccinations, a quick exam and checked for a microchip.

"There wasn't any microchip found...she was fine for the initial exam," Lyle said.

While officials believe the dog was pregnant at least once before they could not say how many times she may have given birth.

The pit bull is now on a â??3 day holdâ??, until 6 pm on Thursday, the time frame given for an owner to come forward and claim her.

If an owner does not come forward, the dog will then go through a behavior evaluation and receives a more complete health evaluation.

After those procedures, the pit bull will be put up for adoption,

However, Lyle wants to remind those interested in adopting that many of their other dogs need homes as well.

"A lot of people focus on a dog that has media attention...she needs a home just like the rest of our dogs but unfortunately we have probably 130 dogs in our building now and probably 50 up for adoption," Lyle said.

WNWO first aired a story on the lost dog, Monday night, and Tuesday received its first call from a potential owner.

The inquiry ended up being a false alarm.

The pit bull was found Monday but was seen walking, in the area of 300 S. Byrne, as early as last Friday.

Gonzalez used her own chicken dinner to gain the animal's trust and get it into her car.

Lyle says the Dog Warden picked up 2,500 stray dogs last year.

If you know who the dog may belong to please email us at