Pitching tents for homelessness awareness

The new veterans tent available this year

1 Matters Homeless Awareness Project, has pitched the event, Tent City, downtown Toledo for this weekend.

Tent city is about getting the homeless connected to services, for free, they may not have access to receive on their own.

Clothing for men, women and children, medical, food and social services were among the services available. Flu shots and haircuts were available.

For the first time this year, there was a veterans tent.

Leryc Barber, co-chair of desk registration for 1 Matters, commented about this new tent.

Barber said, â??the veterans tent is to give privacy, as far as getting connected, because the help they have gotten in the past, to many veterans, was not enough.â??

Barber comments on the other ways Tent City is helping the homeless.

She said, â??many people do not have the money for an I.D. or birth certificateâ?¦ things have changed over the last few years, to where you do not know if the person walking down the street if they are housed or un-housed, if they have things or notâ?¦It allows the community to be able to giveâ?¦it is an amazing experience. I am really glad I got involved.â??