Pokemon Go still bringing people together

Checkmate Games and Hobbies store off of Central Ave. in Toledo (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza).

People are still trying to catch em' all.

The Pokemon GO craze has died down a bit since people were taking extreme measures to catch their Pokemon last year, but it's still bringing folks together.

Checkmate Games and Hobbies located off of Central Ave in Toledo offers a weekly Pokemon day at their store.

"We are a PokeStop, which means that we can put out the special lures and we have all the special Pokemon hanging around the Checkmates store and lots of people come in just to sit in the parking lot to get the lures," said Checkmates Games and Hobbies store owner Ken Solo.

While technology is bringing folks to Solo's store, once they get there, he hopes it's the human element that will keep them there, playing games.

"It's interaction with real life human beings face to face which is something we very much like to promote here at Checkmate because we're all about the games and getting people together," said Solo.

The store also offers a game board library where folks can check out and use free board games in the store for as long as they'd like.

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