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      Police and race organizers confident about security for Glass City Marathon

      The Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon begins Sunday, less than two weeks after the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Local police say they're prepared to keep the event safe.

      F rom beefed up patrols on the ground , to cameras along the marathon route , race organizers tell WNWO since the Boston Bombings they've had to re-evaluate their plans for safety.

      " T here's going to be much more coordination between all the agencies that are involved in the glass city and there's going to be some additional agencies that weren't involved in previous years , " explains Jeff Newton, chief of the University of Toledo police department.

      " A s for as seeing things, it's going to be difficult to see a lot of things, a lot of the procedures we have here in place are mostly behind the scenes, what if scenarios , " says Clint McCormack, Glass City Marathon organizer.

      R ace organizers and police would not go into detail about how intense security has been increased , but say while the security presence will be noticeable, it won't take away from the race.