Police arrest 3 at Occupy BG camp

Three Occupy BG protesters were arrested Monday morning. / Occupy BG Facebook

Occupy Bowling Green protesters had a rude awakening Monday morning when authorities stormed the camp--arresting three and removing tents.

Police arrested 22-year-old Taylor Johnson, 21-year-old Gilbert Bentley Jr. and 18-year-old Joshua Chamberland for obstructing official business. All three were transported to the Wood County Justice Center.

Police say Occupy BG participants became obstructive to small businesses in the area when they set up an unauthorized camp in the community commons area six weeks ago. They also received several complaints about disruption and trespassing and identified several occupiers with criminal backgrounds.

When participants weren't allowed at the site, they left their tents, tables, chairs and other property. The city said these items were in violation of ordinances and that those taking residence in the tents were in violation of the law and use of the commons area.

Last week, police placed notices on lights posts and empty tents calling for the removal of all property by noon on Dec. 1.

"Occupy BG participants chose to ignore the lawful order, instead opting to challenge authorities, threatening to use force to resist the lawful order," the police report states. "As a result of the aggressive stance taken by the Occupy BG participants and their unwillingness to remove the unauthorized property from the Community Commons, the Bowling Green Police Division secured the area and assisted public works employees to clear the Community Commons."