Police brutality or justified force? Residents weigh in on viral video

Washington Twp. police officer is seen in a traffic stop.

Cell phone video uploaded to YouTube shows what some people are calling police brutality, but others say the incident was blow out of proportion.

Tom and Tamara Winkelman say Washington Township police officer Eric Hart is a good guy working hard to keep their neighborhood safe.

A police report from Washington Twp. Police says that on Sunday, Sept. 15, Offier Hart pulled over a vehicle for a registration sticker that appeared altered.

The report says Aaron Tatkowski pulled up and starting shouting at the officer while he explained to the driver that she would be cited.

In the video, Officer Hart can be seen pointing his taser at Tatkowski, who lay on the ground handcuffed, and later picking him up and taking him to the police car.

Tatkowski says he's happy it was him and not someone else that had to deal with the officer. "People learn from their mistakes and I'm hoping this officer learns from his because he could have easily pulled the trigger on somebody, with the rage that he had," explains Aaron Tatkowski.

WARNING: Video above contains strong language - WATCH: Raw video of the traffic stop

Washington Township Police Chief Christopher Kaiser said the incident is being reviewed by the Lucas County Sheriff's Office. Meanwhile, Officer Hart remains on paid leave.