Police: Common plumbing items made up 'suspicious item' found on I-75

The "suspicious item" discovered along I-75 at the I-280 interchange was made of common plumbing items.

More than a week after a "suspicious" item shut down a major interstate, WNWO has learned the device was made of materials available at any home improvement store.

Toledo Police confirm that the "suspicious" item does appear to be a pipe bomb, an improvised explosive device.

According to Home Depot's online store, some of the items included in the device cost just over $1 to buy.

An employee for one of the nation's largest home improvement retailers told WNWO, under the condition of anonymity, that "You could definitely get the parts from any place that sells plumbing materials."

The item, however, has been sent to Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigation for testing which is still pending.

The device was made up of white PVC pipe that was capped at the ends and had black tape covering a portion of it.

Officials believe the tape may indicate that the device was attached to something, possibly a vehicle, before it came to found along the I-75 & I-280 interchange in Toledo.

Toledo Police Spokesman Sgt. Joe Heffernan said there also appeared to be a wick coming out of one end and an unidentified substance inside.

Though no one was injured in retrieving the device found in Toledo, pipe bombs can be deadly.

The man behind the 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta used a pipe bomb that killed two people and injured more than 100 people.