Police: Hair sample unlikely to be linked to Baby Elaina

Elaina Steinfurth has been missing since June 2nd.

A spokesperson for Toledo Police has told WNWO that, while the final results have not yet been submitted in writing, DNA testing done on hair recovered from the Maumee River will not likely be useful in their investigation of a missing East Toledo toddler.

1-year-old Elaina Steinfurth disappeared on June 2nd and was last seen at at home on Federal Street.

In early July, however, a fisherman found strands of hair in the Maumee River that were determined to be human hair.

Baby Elaina's family hoped that the disovery might be a new lead in the girl's disappearance, because a source has alleged that Elaina's mother allegedly disposed of the child's body in the waterway.

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Toledo Police said Friday that because the hair found did not have any follicles, it was unlikely it would provide the needed DNA to be linked to Baby Elaina.

Earlier this week, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Attorney General's Office said that the testing was done partially in Bowling Green and London, Ohio in Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) labs.