Police investigate body found inside home



remont community is in shock after a person's body is found inside this house.


everal people in this neighborhood say the victim was a man named
Cody Jackson. One of those people, Joe Stegman says the victim was a close friend and his death is still hard to process,"I lost it, it was like losing a brother. It really was," says Stegman.


remont police say they were called to this home around 2



ednesday morning where they found the body inside.
Investigators say the body was not decomposed but were unable to identify it. An autopsy has been ordered by the Lucas County Coroner to determine those answers.



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tegman says the victim had bi-polar disorder and other mental issues

, but was a good guy, "Cody was a fun loving character, he had tons of friends in Fremont. If you ask anybody about Cody, he never had a problem with anyone. He was just, when you were sad, he had something to make you smile."


ow all that's left are memories of the victim

, including a van neighbors say he owned. Joe Stegman says they planned on fishing late Wednesday morning. "When I come down and seen this, instantly the only thing I could think was while I guess I'll be fishing the rest of my life alone, because that's my fishing buddy," says Stegman.


f you have any information in the death investigation

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remont police ask that you call 419-332-6464.