Police investigating possible stranger danger incident

<font size="2">T<font face="Times New Roman">he vehicle is described as a older model black</font></font> <font size="2" face="Arial"> <font size="2" face="Arial">D</font> </font><font size="2" face="Times New Roman">odge</font> <font size="2" face="Arial"> <font size="2" face="Arial">G</font> </font><font size="2" face="Times New Roman">rand</font> <font size="2" face="Arial"> <font size="2" face="Arial">C</font> </font><font size="2"> <font face="Times New Roman">aravan with tinted windows.</font> </font>

The Perrysburg Township Police Department is investigating a possible stranger danger incident.

T he department reports the incident happened in Perrysburg Heights around 3 p.m. Friday afternoon in the area of Broad and Harold.

I nvestigators say two, 12-year-old boys told them a man in a suspicious vehicle passed the boys twice looking at them.

T he vehicle is described as a older model black Dodge Grand Caravan with tinted windows.

T he subject is des c ribed as a white male , possible between 20 and 30 years of age.

H e had a full, but kempt beard and was possibly wearing a grey jacket.

A nyone with information should call the Perrysburg Township Police Department at (419) -874-3551.