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      Police looking for suspects who beat up and robbed elderly woman

      P olice need the publics help in looking for attackers of an elderly woman who suffered serious injuries during a robbery while walking to work.

      L ast Thursday morning shortly before 5:00 am, a 73 year old woman walked down this dark road on Lewis Avenue on her way to her job at the McDonald's on Alexis Road. Then out of no where, she was robbed and beaten.

      " I couldn't believe it, she has walked to and from work for 20 years ," that's how neighbor Jennel Castro reacted when she heard her neighbor of five years was a victim of this crime. But, it's not the robbery that's alarming.

      " I nstead of just taking her property, they also assaulted her ," explains Sergeant Joe Heffernan of the Toledo Police Department. " T hey hit her in the face very hard up to the point where she's going to need even further medical treatment to repair the damage they did."

      Neighbor Jennel Castro was at the hospital to pick up the victim after she was released, "she was in rough shape, she had a really had bloody nose and her face was pretty swollen."

      T he victim was only able to tell police that two men in dark clothes attacked her. P olice believe their suspects don't live far from where the attack took place because of footprints in the area.

      I t's an area , that police say is pretty safe and with few calls for problems.

      B ut , the violence of this attack has some people on edge, "I have 2 kids, so it kind of makes me worried when my husbands is at work, and I'm home alone, you never know," says Castro.

      Toledo Police urge anyone with information to call them or Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111.