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      Police make arrest in fire station shooting

      The son of former Toledo Fire Chief Michael Wolever appears in court today in connection with a shooting at East Toledo Fire Station 6 on Saturday night.

      Toledo Police arrested Kevin Wolever, 32, on Sunday after police said they observed him near the Starr Avenue station prior to the shooting. A shot fired into Fire Station 6 around 10:20 p.m. ricocheted off a wall and struck a firefighter. The firefighter was not hurt and did not require medical treatment.

      When Wolever was arrested, he was in possession of a gun and ammunition and he was wearing a bullet proof vest. He will be charged with felonious assault and shooting into a habitat.

      Toledo firehouses were attacked five times last week, including gunshots outside of Station 6 and Station 9 on South Avenue and a burning package found outside of Station 18 on Lewis Avenue. Officials did not give a motive for the attacks.

      Kevin Wolever is employed by the city of Toledo as a fire inspector, but he has been placed on administrative leave due to "issues," according to published reports.