Police: Most wanted fugitive for domestic violence captured

<font size="2">Daniel R. Boone, 39, was the Marshals' number one most wanted person for domestic violence.</font>

A man listed under U.S. Marshals Service's most wanted list is behind bars Wednesday morning.

Daniel R. Boone,39, was the Marshals' number one most wanted person for domestic violence. Authorities said Boone was found hiding under his motherâ??s kitchen sink at her home on Telegraph Road.

Officials allege Boone became heavily intoxicated at a bar on Oct. 1, where his sister was working as the bartender. Boone's sister refused to serve more alcohol to him, so he punched her in the face twice, knocking her unconscious.

A man tried intervening, but Boone punched him unconscious.

Last week, a domestic violence task force made up of local enforcement agencies arrested about 47 people on domestic violence warrants.

"The community is stepping up and saying that this is no longer acceptable," said Deb Ortiz-Flores, Director of Job & Family Services in Lucas County.

WNWO spoke with one woman last year who feared for her life. The woman had used available resources to get away.

"I believed that he would kill me. I didn't know how to get out or where to go. I was to the point where is was just accepting that's what was going to happen," said the woman.

Boone is currently being held at the Lucas County Jail.