Police need help catching convenience store scam artists

Suspect #1 in office

Police in Oregon and Toledo need your help to catch two con artists that steal money from convenience stores.

Pictured with this story are two men who have robbed three convenience stores in the area. One distracts cashiers while the other sneaks into offices and takes money. The photos here were taken on June 12 at the Sunoco at Woodville Road and Pickle Road in Oregon. They show two black males, one in the store area and one in the office area. They took what Oregon Detective Sgt. Zale called "a large sum of money," from the Oregon location.

Thirty minutes prior to robbing the Oregon Sunoco, they pulled a similar scam at the Sunoco on Suder Ave. in Toledo. On May 13, they hit the BP station on Suder Ave.

The suspects are black males driving a later model red Nissan Ultima. If you have any information, contact the Oregon police at (419) 698-7102.

Oregon police featured these photos on Facebook and have had some success in identifying and arresting suspects by using Facebook. Do you think Facebook will make an effective crime fighting tool? Post your comments below.