Police release 911 call Sylvania man made before his death

As of Thursday, Sylvania's first homicide of the year remained an open investigation.

Authorities are now hoping a 911 call made by the victim, Darryl Stipes will help generate enough new information to identify the suspects behind his fatal shooting.

"I've been shot four times," Stipes told a 911 dispatcher during a one minute 30 second phone call that was released to the media.

During the call, 60-year-old Darryl Stipes struggles to speak loud enough for the dispatcher to hear his address and what had happened to him.

"I've just been robbed," Stipes added.

Seconds after receiving Stipes' call for help, just before 10:30 pm on June 21st, dispatchers send officers to Stipes' home at 3322 Waldmar.

"One black and one white guy," Stipes said describing the suspects that shot him multiple times.

Since the incident Sylvania Township Police have released little information on the case but hope the clues Stipes' revealed in his last words will put his killers behind bars.