Police say beware of burglars posing as city workers

Knock knock, whose there?

They'll tell you it's the water company, but Toledo Police are giving them a different name.

These people are practiced con artists, said Lt. David Schmidt of the Toledo Police Department.

Over the past two months police have received several calls about two men and one woman, possibly Hispanic, knocking on the doors of elderly people, posing as the water company.

They've told the person inside they're checking for leaks. Sometimes they've even had a little piece of equipment with them, said Schmidt.

But they're not really checking for anything.

One person distracts the homeowner while the other searches the home for money and jewelry to steal.

They know the usual places people hide those things. They know the usual places to look. Everybody out there has a strong box under their bed and everybody knows that, said Schmidt.

Some people have even reported their windows that were locked before are unlocked when the phony workers leave, suggesting they're looking to come back to rob the place when no one is there.

Toledo's Utility Department says there are things to look for so you can determine if the person asking to come into your home is a city worker.

All city workers will be wearing a blue jump suit with a patch of the city's seal on it.

They should also have an ID badge.

The city of Toledo encourages you to ask for identification every time.

All city work vehicles always have a decal of the city seal on the side door.

If you have any question or doubt, you can call the city hotline at (419) 242-5040, or if you are really worried call 911.

And that aint no knock knock joke.