Police say man who killed Shively, killed witness

Ursula Graves

Police say they have new evidence that suggests the same man who allegedly killed Jennifer Shively and dumped her body in an Ottawa County marina, also killed a witness to Shively's murder.

Ursula Graves, 42, is one of the two victims named in the aggravated murder indictment against Rodney Wahl, 39. Graves died in September of 2009. Initially, her death was ruled as an accidental overdose. Police now say they have new evidence that suggests Wahl killed Graves.

NBC24 looked into Graves past, finding that she lived at several Toledo residences over the past few years. Neighbors at an old address in North Toledo say Graves lived on Kingsberry St. with her five children. While living at that address, Graves was charged with failure to maintain a private premises as well as child endangerment. The complaint states that several minor children stayed at the home without electricity.

On Sept. 11, 2009, Graves appeared in court with a public defender to respond to those charges. Later that day, police say Wahl killed Graves at her home on Graham St.

Police believe Graves may have been a witness in the murder of Jennifer Shively, an East Toledo woman whose body was found in an Ottawa County marina in August 2009.