Police say predator targets students

Arlington Local Schools is sending out a stranger danger alert warning parents to be on the lookout for a man who reportedly tried to lure two girls into his car.

"We're asking everyone to walk to school together in groups. To be vigilant when they maybe see folks they don't recognize, don't know," says Arlington Local School Superintendent Kevin Haught.

The man is described as being in his sixties, with a bald or balding head, and missing some front teeth.

"He wanted them to get into the car and wanted to bring them to school," said Haught, "Of course both of them refused and ran away from the situation."

Hancock County Sheriff's Office officials say they're taking the threat very seriously, and are actively pursuing leads in the case.

They say the girls did exactly what they should have done in this instance.

"They did not approach the car at too close of a range. When the subject made the comments, they told him no, and immediately ran away," says Hancock County Sheriff Detective Kevin Haught.

The car is described as older and red with four doors. It's believed to be beat up and rusty.

Until the suspect is caught, this community of only 25,000, is asked to be on high alert.

"He could still be in the area. We've tried to let other schools know as well to what's going on. To at least be aware that this individual is in our neck of the woods.

Everyone in the community is confident that they will catch the suspect quickly because the area is small and tigh knit

If you have any information, you are urged to call the Hancock County Sheriff's Office at 419-422-2424