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      Police union president says Sykes should resign

      Toledo Councilman Larry Sykes is apologizing for any misunderstanding he may have caused when he said a Toledo Police Officer profiled him during a traffic stop.But Dan Wagner, the President of the Toledo Police Patrolmanâ??s Association said an apology is not enoughâ??he wants Sykes to resign. Wagner said Sykes implied that he was racially profiled. He says Sykesâ?? allegations hurt the public perception of Toledo Police. â??Now theyâ??re thinking that every police officer on this force is racially profiling, when they have a leader from our city basically saying that,â?? Wagner said. Even during his apology, Sykes pointed out that he never used the phrase â??racial profilingâ?? in his complaint to the Toledo Police Chief. In the letter, Sykes does mention that his license plate reads 4DRWBLK, and that it stands for â??4 driving while black.â?? WATCH: Toledo Police dashcam video of Sykes's traffic stop Sykes says heâ??s putting the issue behind him and moving forward. The councilman says he wonâ??t be discussing the incident again.