Popular Halloween candy could harm your heart

FDA warns black licorice could cause harm to your heart.

Before you let your kids dive into any Halloween candy, there's a health warning for parents and adults about one particular treat.

The Food and Drug Administration says black licorice could harm your heart.

This uniquely flavored candy contains a sweetener called glycyrrhizin that could cause a drop in potassium levels. As a result, some people experience abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure, or even congestive heart failure.

The potassium levels usually get back to normal when people stop eating the black licorice, the FDA reports. Health officials suggest that people who take regular medications or dietary supplements consult their healthcare provider before eating it.

So if this treat has a special place in your heart, youâ??ll want to follow the advice of health professionals and avoid eating large amount in one sitting.

(CNN contributed to this report.)