Port Clinton braces for overnight Sandy

Port Clinton businesses board up windows to prepare for Hurricane Sandy.

As Hurricane Sandy powers its way along the east coast, it has not forgotten about Northwest Ohio. Along the shore lines of Lake Erie, Sandy is also making an impact heading into the evening.

â??As you can tell itâ??s very windy, the waterâ??s really high, weâ??ve seen some tree branches down already in the neighborhoods,â?? said Port Clinton resident Tom Johnson. He continued, "We still have power, no problems with that, but definitely a change in the weather.â??

Out on Lake Erie, waves have already swelled to over 12 feet off-shore. Wind gusts have topped 55 miles per hour and are expected to increase through the night. Residents and local businesses are taking precautions.

"With all this wind it started blowing the windows so weâ??re securing the windows right now," said Larry Beamer, an employee of The Island House. He assured, "Weâ??ll get this all secured up and weâ??ll be ready."

Sandy may not relent until mid-afternoon on Tuesday. Traffic lights, street signs, and garbage can lids swayed in the high winds downtown. Some residents took refuge at local bars and restaurants, while others made sure they had all the necessities to ride out the storm.

Beamer said, â??Itâ??s a lot of wind for this Sandy making all this so who knows whatâ??s gonna happen.â??

Johnson added, â??Weâ??ll be alright, just a matter of weathering the storm I guess.â??

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says Hurricane Sandy could be the largest to hit the United States in history.

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