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      Portman says Shinsecki resignation good for VA

      Sen. Portman says Congress has given adequate funding to the VA.

      U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) was in Toledo Friday afternoon to deliver the commencement address at the University of Toledo's College of Medicine.

      Before the graduation ceremony, Sen. Portman sat down with NBC 24.

      The interview took place less than two hours after Gen. Eric Shinsecki resigned as Secretary of the Veterans Affairs Administration. "There needs to be further reform, his leaving is probably a good thing for the agency, who can now really figure out what happened," Sen. Portman said.

      Sen. Portman says Congress has given adequate funding to the VA. "I don't think this is a funding issue. This is an issue about management and accountability and about an attitude by some in the VA that veterans don't come first, the bureacracy does," Sen. Portman said.

      Sen. Portman expressed doubt that any comprehensive immigration legislation would pass this year.

      Portman supports the Keystone XL pipeline project.

      He also expressed his concern about the economy. "My concern is really about jobs, there are a lot of people out of work, there are some 400,000 people in Ohio who are out of work," Mr. Portman said.