Portrait of Elaina Steinfurth unveiled in E. Toledo

Drivers at the corner of Starr and Main in east Toledo will now see a portrait of Elaina Steinfurth.

East Toledo artists are making sure people donâ??t forget about Elaina Steinfurth - the toddler who was murdered by her mother and motherâ??s boyfriend a year ago.

Drivers are on Starr Avenue will now see a large portrait of the child. It was unveiled Wednesday at the corner of Starr and Main.

The portrait is the 19th painting to be placed in the area. Theyâ??re all created by artists from the LeSo Gallery down the street.


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Artist Amber LeFever says she wants to help East Toledo grow.

â??We did what we could do. We thought, what better way to beautify our neighborhood, than to use our talents to do so,â?? LeFever said. LeFever is the Director of LeSo Gallery.

Elainaâ??s grandfather was at the event. He says he got a sneak peak of the portrait, and it brought him to tears.

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