Possible new sports complex considered by Maumee, Rossford, and Perrysburg


MAUMEE, OH (WNWO) - Maumee City Council approved a feasibility study last night that already has local sports fans excited. The plan is still very early in the works and may not be possible at all, but the hope is to establish a regional sports complex much like the one you see behind me here.

The complex would be a joint venture between Rossford, Maumee, and Perrysburg. Last night the city of Maumee approved what is just step one of a very long process to build an athletic complex.

The study will simply determine if a complex would bring enough economic growth to the area to justify the cities’ investments.

Neil MacKinnon, Mayor of Rossford, shared, “your family would go. You’d follow your kids and their sporting events. And when they weren’t playing ball or soccer or whatever athletic event they’re involved in, you might go to the zoo. You might go to COSI. You might go to Cedar Point.”

There are multiple grants the cities would apply for, and they would pool their resources to cover the rest. They will not know until the study is complete what the budget would be, or where the complex would be located.

“Part of the feasibility study," explained MacKinnon, "would be to study different cites that would be good for these types of ball fields and recreational facilities.”

Another option would be to invest the funds into multiple existing facilities to allow for things such as additional soccer field or tennis courts.

While there are still a lot of questions to be answered, athletes and sports fans are already getting excited by the possibilities.

Dennis Jeansonne, President of Perrysburg Soccer Club, said, “I think that’d be outstanding really. Any time we can improve any facility or build upon a facility that is going to benefit our youth is going to be a great thing really.”

Elliot Schaal, a Perrysburg Soccer Club Player, added “I play lots of different sports, I actually do cross country at this time, and I think that’d be really cool.”

And, of course the potential economic boost is something they’re looking forward to as well

“Perrysburg, Rossford, Maumee: great communities right there," commented Jeansonne. "Anytime you bring more people into it, it’s just going to benefit those communities.”

There is no word yet on when the study will be completed, but one thing for sure: Many will be anxiously awaiting the results.

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