Potential new jail site proposed

The Toledo Police Impound lot on Dura Ave in Toledo may be the next site of the new Lucas County Jail. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

Take two.

The new Lucas County Jail may have found it's new location.

Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken confirming to NBC 24 News that they are considering the Toledo Police Impound lot on Dura Ave in north Toledo as the potential new site for the jail.

"First of all, there's no deal until Toledo says yes. Both Toledo and the county have put this deal forward together (and) they're analyzing it, we're ready to go if they say yes," said Gerken.

Official paperwork has yet to be submitted as of Thursday evening, but a special meeting is being held on Friday morning at One Government Center at 10:30, the jail levy is on the agenda to be discussed.

Public concerns about the jail were vocal when the first site was proposed back in August.

After much push back the site originally considered on Angola rd in south Toledo was pulled.

The commissioner is hoping to ease public concern over the jail with neighborhood improvement project.

"There could be some improvements that we could include in the package, street lighting, storm water, police patrols, they're in the area, some road repaving," said Gerken.

At least one resident is still concerned about the idea of the new jail in general.

"I love my neighborhood, I Love my neighbors and it's sad that politics has to ruin it for everybody," said a local Toledo resident.

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