Potholes, potholes everywhere!

Roads throughout Toledo have potholes appearing, leaving some area streets looking more like an obstacle course.

And the blame goes to mother nature.

"With all the extreme wet weather we've had recently, and with cold right behind it, freezing is just popping a lot of asphalt loose right now," says Tim Plath, with Streets, Bridges and Harbors.

Some drivers react to these mini-craters by swerving or braking. Other see them too late to react and there cars can be heard rattling hard over them..

The city is fielding the calls. As of Friday afternoon, they reported more than 125 complaints.

Crews are already out doing patchwork, and city officials are putting priority on the worst spots.

Plath says, "Starting on the main drag, get as many of the big ones, the tire busters, the ones that can do some damage. We'll take care of that stuff first."

Temps are expected to hit the mid-40's on Saturday, but by Tuesday, the projected high is only 19 degrees. That means more trouble may be on the way for area roads.

"I think as things re-freeze, we're still going to have new ones[potholes] popping out," explains Plath.

Street crews are using an average of at least four tons a day to fill in the holes, but with so many throughout the city, workers will be shoveling through the weekend. They expect to have everything sealed up by the end of next week.