Potholes, potholes, potholes

<p>Residents can report potholes by calling 419-936-BUMP(2867).</p>

Toledo city councilwoman Theresa Gabriel understands the frustration that many residents feel about the city's pothole problem.

"So many people are concerned about the the damage the potholes are doing to their personal property, their automobiles," Ms. Gabriel said. Gabriel does not lay blame. "The employees that are out there filling the potholes are doing a phenomenal job." Ms. Gabriel said.

Nevertheless, residents are frustrated at the sheer number of potholes. James Sneed lives in North Toledo. "They got to fix them, that's what they have to do, because it makes no sense," Mr. Sneed said.

Residents can report potholes by calling 419-936-BUMP(2867).