Potholes problematic for Toledo-area motorists

There's a pothole problem, right here in Toledo.

With weather flip flopping between freezing and thawing, Toledo-area roadways have become like asphalt war zones.

Potholes are popping up all over town, with some roads nearly impassable due to holes erratic holes in the pavement.

Roadway patches made in summer months have been ruined by freezing temperatures followed by seemingly balmy days above 32-degrees. Both old and new holes in the ground have opened up.

Ohio must pay $1.8M award in fatal pothole crash

Where are the worst pothole-laden roadways? Viewers have told us I-75 northbound from Rossford to downtown Toledo is particularly problematic. Many reported a number of cars along the side of the stretch of highway due to blown tires.

The city of Toledo has a pothole hotline for motorists to report problem spots. Call 419-936-BUMP (2867) to report a particularly problematic pothole-laden road.


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