Power near 100% restored in Springfield Township

Most of the residents in the Springfield Township neighborhood affected by last Thursday's storms have had their power restored. The focus has now shifted to tree and brush removal. Mike Hampton is Director of Public Services for Springfield Township. "We're asking residents to bring their brush to the road and we'll collect their brush for them," Mr. Hampton said. However downed trees on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner. "If the tree was in the right of way and I determine that it was in the right of way then we'll take the remaining timber but if the tree is not in the right of way it is the responsibility of the homeowner," Mr. Hampton said.

Bob Zeigler of Waterville is helping his elderly parents deal with the damage on their property. A huge tree in their backyard fell away from the house and half of it landed in the street. Springfield Township crews have already removed what was lying on the street. Bob Zeigler and his wife have spent several frustrating days on the telephone with the insurance company. "It is just time consuming and all the phone calls, and then you are waiting for people to call you back," Mr. Ziegler said.