Pregnant woman arrested over $5 sandwich

Nicole Leszczynski and her Husband / KHNL

A woman 30 weeks pregnant says she was traumatized by a "horrifying" ordeal at a Honolulu supermarket last week. She and her husband were arrested for stealing sandwiches and had their 2-year-old daughter taken into state custody.

Nicole Leszczynski sobbed Monday as she recounted what started as a family trip to the Safeway supermarket.

A pregnant Leszczynski munched on a chicken salad sandwich while shopping, but forgot to pay for it.

"We got into the store and I was feeling a little light headed and we decided to eat some sandwiches. And we put the wrappers in the cart. There wasn't any effort made to conceal anything" said Nicole Leszczynski.

The couple checked out and paid $50 dollars for their groceries, but not the $5 dollars for the two chicken salad sandwiches.

"And we walked out of the store and were confronted by two men that wanted to know where the receipt for the sandwiches. We completely forgot that we had not paid for the sandwiches. As soon as they confronted us, I offered to pay. We had cash. The manager said that it was completely against store policy to pay for merchandise after it had been removed from the store" said Leszczynski.

The couple was arrested. Their daughter was taken away for 18 hours. The couple, who recently moved to Hawaii from Monterey, Calif., was released on $50 bail each.

Safeway says it "may not have handled this matter in the best possible way."

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