Pres. Obama gets enthusiastic reception at Scott HS

For the second time in two months President Barack Obama spoke at a campaign rally in Northwest Ohio. This afternoon Mr. Obama spoke to auto workers and their families at Scott High School in the Old West End. The President is on a multi-state tour that will eventually take him to Charlotte, North Carolina, the site of the Democratic National Convention. At Scott High School this afternoon Mr. Obama began by offering a summary of last week's Republican National Convention. "Basically what they said is the economy's bad, it's all Obama's fault and Gov. Romney has some secret to add jobs to the economy," Mr. Obama said.

The President was interrupted with thunderous applause throughout his speech. The President responded to remarks made at the GOP convention about his sweeping health care law. "They keep calling it Obamacare, and you know what I do care," Mr. Obama said.

After the speech WNWO spoke to several people who were in attendance. Mark Gevaart drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana. "I drove two hours to hear the President, I am an auto worker and he saved the jobs of me and many of my brothers and sisters," Mr. Gevaart said. Toledoan Judy Savage disagreed with some political punditry that suggests that Democrats are not as excited about Obama in 2012 as they were in 2008. "I'm excited, all of my family and friends are excited, so I don't know who they are talking about," Ms. Savage said.

After his speech the President flew to Louisiana to survey the damage caused last week by Hurricane Isaac. On Thursday Mr. Obama will accept the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Most polls show Obama and his Republican challenger tied with about 46% of the vote each. Ohio has 18 electoral votes up for grabs on Election Day. Most political observers agree that the candidate who wins Ohio, will win the election.