President proposes gun ban and regulations

Washington, DC - President Obama delivered his proposal for gun control to an audience that included parents of Sandy Hook victims.

"I'm calling for congress to pass some very specific proposals right away," said Obama.

He outlined some key points that will be addressed in the legislation.

The first was for congress to require a universal background check for anyone trying to buy a gun.

Next he called for congress should restore a ban on military assault style weapons, as well as a ten round limit for magazines.

However everyone in the gun community that spoke with WNWO say that most of these proposals are already in place, and new proposals would only hurt the lawful gun owner.

"If you are a dealer, you do a background check on everyone, whether it's a rifle, a shotgun or a handgun," says Cleland's Outdoor World owner Theresa Cleland.

So if background checks are already covered by any legal dealer, what does "universal" mean?

"If I'm interpreting this right, he's saying that if you want to sell a gun to your neighbor, you have to get a background check on your neighbor," says Theresa.

However there is noone to regulate those type of sales, or even know if the sale happened.

In light of the possible assault weapon ban, the sight of these assault style weapons on gun store shelves are virtually non-existent, because they've all been purchased.

Theresa says, "People are scared that this is a right that is going to be taken away from them."

As for the guns, and the magazines holding more than 10 bullets, there are millions already in circulation. And there's just no way to regulate the private sales.

"It doesn't work, and we know that. We've had bans before, we've had prohibition, we've had all kinds of things. It doesn't work," says Cleland.

Now we'll wait to see if proposals get through the Senate, and the republican controlled House, and makes it into law.