Priest convicted in nun's murder in terminal condition

<font size="2">Father Gerald Robinson has been moved to a prison hospice in Columbus.</font>

The Toledo priest convicted of killing a nun is terminally ill due to heart problems, according to his attorney. Father Gerald Robinson has been moved to a prison hospice in Columbus.

Robinsonâ??s attorney, Rick Kerger, is traveling to Columbus to see Robinson at least one last time.

Debilitating heart problems put the priest in the hospital. Heâ??s already heard his last rites.

Kerger wrote to the governor in an effort to get Robinson back to Toledo with his family, but he said a statute prohibits anyone convicted of murder from being given a compassionate release.

Kerger said heâ??d be surprised by a last minute confession from the priest.

A pending petition to overturn the verdict could remain unresolved if Robinson dies. And the speculation surrounding the trial will continue.

Journalist David Yonke covered the trial extensively and wrote a book on the murder case.

Heâ??s heard a theory that another priest committed the murder. â??Some people feel that maybe he was a culprit and that he had confessed to Fr. Robinson,â?? Yonke said. â??But under the seal of confession he would never reveal that.â??

Yonke calls the Robinson trial the most memorable story heâ??s covered during his decades of reporting.