Probe blames speed, weather in deadly Ohio Turnpike pile-ups

Investigators need help identifying the blue car hauler seen in front of the black minivan in this photo.

A preliminary investigation into a series of crashes that shut down the Ohio Turnpike and killed three people last week blamed drivers' speeds, road conditions, and weather.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, slippery road conditions due to winter weather contributed to the pileups. Ultimately, however, driver error was to blame.

The crashes led to pileups involving at least 50-vehicles along a two-mile stretch of the turnpike's eastbound lanes near Sandusky.

A state trooper sent to the scene was struck and pinned between two vehicles. That crash then led to a

chain reaction

of crashes near mile posts 102 and 101. Three people were killed as a result of the massive pile-ups.

Numerous semi-trucks mangled in Ohio Turnpike Crash

Investigators have found that most of the crashes were caused tractor-trailer trucks.

29-year-old Trooper Andrew Clouser suffered serious injuries. He is now listed in fair condition at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

The OSHP does not suspect alcohol was involved in either of the two crashes. Officials said they will work to compile crash reports before any vehicular manslaughter charges are made.

Meanwhile, troopers are asking for the public's help in identifying a blue car hauler pictured in the photo above in front of the black Kia Sodona minivan. According to the OSHP, the car hauler was blue and had a full-size Ford pick-up secured on the upper level of the trailer. The trailer is not at-fault, but was involved in the crash that injured Trooper Clouser. Anyone with information about this vehicle is asked to contact Sgt. Matt Them at 419-499-4808. The rear of the trailer and the vehicle secured on the lower level of the trailer are likely damaged, according to the OSHP.