Propane Powered Ambulances in Toledo

It's used to heat homes and cook steaks. Now, propane is also used to power ambulances in Toledo. MedCorp has outfitted it's entire fleet of transport vans, 35 of them in all, to run on propane as well as gasoline. With propane running about two dollars a gallon, Valdis Daiga of MedCorp Green says, the company is seeing a savings. "On a system like this, we see a payback of less than a year.", Daiga says, "More likely, 8-to-9 months". The systems cost as much as $7000 per vehicle to install. But for vehicles like the transport vans, which travel about 200-miles per day, the systems pay off. Plus, propane is more environmentally friendly. "The vehicles actually run cleaner.", says Fred Isch of MedCorp Green, "The engines run, from an e.p.a standard, 40-to-50 percent cleaner". That's not just good for the environment. It's also good for your wallet. Cleaner burning engines mean less wear and fewer oil changes. Propane also burns almost with almost as much energy as gasoline. For example, if your car gets 30-miles per gallon with gas, it'll get about 27-MPG with propane. But it isn't for everyone. The cost of the conversion kit doesn't make it practical for the every day driver. But the folks at MedCorp point out, if more fleets use propane, less gasoline will be used--and the cost of gas could go down.