Proposed Ohio Turnpike toll hike continues on bumpy road

The Ohio Turnpike bonding plan would bring in about $3 billion in revenue that will be generated through incremental toll hikes on the Ohio Turnpike over the next 30 years.


he Ohio Turnpike Commission's plan to increase tolls continues to meet with some strong opposition.

The second of three public hearings to voice support or opposition to the proposal was held Monday. The commission's plan would raise tolls on the Ohio Turnpike by 2.7% each year for ten years, beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

The rate hike is in line with inflation, according to the commission. Yet, some fear the increase is enough to divert drivers onto parallel roadways that can be travelled without a fee.

Opponents are voicing their concerns of the proposed increases which amount to lower rates for EZ-Pass customers in comparison to drivers who pay cash/credit. Ohio Turnpike Commission Executive Director, Rick Hodges, said EZ-Pass is the turnpike's way of encouragine drivers to pay tolls electronically.

The plan is part of a two-year transportation budget measure that sets in motion a $1.5 billion Ohio Turnpike bond sale. It guarantees 90 percent of bond proceeds will go to northern Ohio projects. The measure also

raises speeds on the turnpike

to 70 mph.

The commission says money raised from toll hikes will help fund construction projects that will create thousands of new jobs for the state.


What do you think of the turnpike's plan to increase tolls? Are you paying enough as it is? Share your thoughts below.