Prosecutor: Sandusky man wanted to bomb police dept.

Alleged Hutaree members are, from left to right, top row: David Stone, Sr.; Joshua Matthew Stone; David Stone, Jr. Left to right, bottom row:and Tina Mae Stone; Thomas Piatek; Joshua Clough. Left to right, bottom row: Jacob Ward; Michael Meeks and Kristopher Sickles.

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) - Federal prosecutors say an Ohio man told militia members that he wanted to blow up bombs in front of a small town police department along Lake Erie.

Prosecutors also say Kristopher Sickles talked about dying in a gun battle with the Huron officers.

Sickles is one of nine people charged with plotting to kill police officers and training for a battle against the government. They were arrested after weekend raids across the Midwest.

Prosecutors said at a detention hearing Wednesday in Detroit that officers removed 13 guns, ammunition and night vision equipment when they arrested Sickles at his trailer in Sandusky.

Sickles' attorney says there's little evidence his involvement went beyond training exercises with the suspected militia members in Michigan.

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