Prosecutor uses the word ''homicide'' in Steinfurth case

Toledo, OH - Steven King, the ex-boyfriend of Elaina Steinfurth's mother, Angela Steinfurth(Mories), appeared before a judge at a bond hearing Thursday morning. Bond was set at $250,000.

For the first time since Elaina went missing on June 2, the word "homicide" was used by officials.

Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Brad Smith said the case quote, "Is regarded now as a homicide investigation."

Criminal defense attorney Lorin Zaner is not involved in any way with the case, but says the word homicide can be used without facts to support it.

Zaner explains, "There's nothing improper about that at all. They're not accusing anyone of homicide. They're saying they are considering it as a homicide investigation."

He says it's a tactic that may be used to scare the people involved.

"By making that kind of a claim, it puts a whole lot more pressure on the defendants to cooperate, and potentially work out some kind of deal if they know anything. If they were involved." Zaner says.

The assistant prosecutor may have used the word to convince the judge to increase the bond amount, implying that there is a potential that the end result of the case could be a homicide.

Steven King is one of two key suspects in the case, but his attorney Peter Rost says this is the first time he's heard the word homicide put out there.

Over a phone conversation he added, "There are no homicide charges pending against anyone at this point."

But Zaner says, when the term homicide is used, it would be safe to assume there is some kind of evidence pointing in that direction.

"I would expect they have some information, but they don't necessarily have enough, and they're trying to continue to gather information," Zaner says.

Both Steven King and Angela Steinfurth continue to sit in the Lucas County Jail.