Prosecutors detail graphic slaying, dog hair evidence in Bowman retrial

Robert Bowman during his trial. / WNWO archive

Just over a month ago, a Toledo jury couldn't reach a verdict in a four decade old case involving the kidnapping and murder of a Sylvania Twp. teen. But by Monday morning, new members of the jury had been selected, toured all the key locations in the case and were ready to begin the retrial of 75-year-old Robert Bowman.

Bowman is accused of kidnapping and holding 14-year-old Eileen Adams in his basement for days before killing her in 1967. According to the Associated Press, the prosecutors were "more graphic this time in describing how the girl was found in southern Michigan with her skull shattered and a nail driven into the back of her head."

Prosecutors also planned to use dog hair found at the crime scene to link Bowman to the murder. Prosecutors say Bowman had a dog with white hair similar to the strands authorities discovered at the time of the killing.

Today's testimony includes opening statements from the prosecutors and the defense, as well as the first witnesses.

Bowman has pleaded not guilty to murder.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)