Protesters talk trash on bank's foreclosures

Local homeowners showed their grief with neighborhood foreclosures by protesting with trash. / File photo

A group of protesters showed their distain for one bank's approach to handling local foreclosures with metaphorical trash talk.

The group threw bags of trash on the doorstep of CitiFinancial's Spring Meadows location and held up signs asking the institution for the same bail outs afforded to companies when they need help paying the bills.

The group told WNWO they brought trash to CitiFinancial to mimic how moving forward with foreclosures creates eyesores in their once vibrant neighborhoods.

"Who wants to go outside in their front door and see an overgrown lot or an abandoned house or a burnt up house," said Marguerite Dunston, a concerned citizen who joined the protest. "Not only that, but it brings our property value down. We're paying monthly mortgages or landlords are paying monthly mortgages, yet they're paying more than what their house is actually worth."

Some argued it's not the bank's fault that people can't pay their mortgages--that CitiFinancial was just following through on the contracts signed by homeowners.

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